Frequently Asked Questions

What types of glass doors do you do?
We have swing doors, sliding doors, framed doors, frameless door, double glazed doors, single glazed doors. Please contact us with your requirements
How long will the installation take?
Depending on the size of the project, we usually install the framework then return a week later with the glass and doors
Do you install Nationally?
Yes we install throughout the UK, including Scotland, London and Wales
Will you visit the site before you start work?
We site survey before any works commences.
What happens when service trunking and pipework are in the way?

In most cases, we can scribe the glass around these, however this could effect the sounds performance.

Do you have fire rated glazed screens?

Yes, please contact us for our full range of 30min and 60min fire rated glazed screens. These can be integrity only or integrity and insulation

What level of soundproofing can I expect?

Our glass partitions range from Rw35db to Rw51db.

Can you install at weekends and evenings?

Yes if required

What is your lead time?
Approximately 3-4 weeks
Can you fix to a suspended ceiling?

Yes, this is a very normal installation

What height can your solid and glass partitions go up to?

Usually 3 meters high. However, we can install up to 5.5m, please contact us

What colour is the framework?

The framework options are RAL 9010 White, RAL9006 Silver or RAL9005 Black.

Will you work for main contractors?

Yes, we will work for main contractors in most cases subject to the payment and contract terms.

Payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 50% deposit, with the balance payable following receipt of the final invoice.